Sucess Stories.

“My experience training with Jimmy was spectacular. He is fun, encouraging, and skilled. He is demanding without being patronizing, and really tries to understand where you are in each exercise so he knows how far to push you. I have always dreaded my workouts because I felt like I wasn’t getting sore anymore, but with him, his workouts varied. All of his workouts are ass-kicking; I guarantee you you will be sore for a whole week! After training with him, the next day I couldn’t even move because my whole body was sore. I look forward to his workouts every time we train but at the same time I would be terrified. I’ve been training with Jimmy for about three months and I have seen improvements. My goals were to lose weight and get toned. Before I was training with Jimmy, I weighed 131lbs now I’m 127lbs. I’ve gotten countless compliments from friends and family that I look better. I would highly recommend anyone to train with him if they decide to train with a trainer. I had an incredible time training with him, certainly seen results. Thanks Jimmy Truu ;)”

Praopa Makaratad

As a professional Soccer player and personal trainer I’ve trained with many trainers before and by far Jimmy was worth every penny. The one thing Jimmy always told me was that I still need to eat, just make a few changes to my diet and I will see the changes in my body. Training for a Bikini competition was mind blowing for me but Jimmy always tells me this should be a fun thing, so just have fun with it. I was 138 pounds before the competition and I wanted to get down to 124 pounds, training with Jimmy 5 days a week for 2 months changed my whole mentality, every workout was harder than the next and different. From lifting weights to body weight training to sports training I mean we did it all. I started seeing muscle I’ve always wanted and thanks to Jimmy for motivating me and bringing so much energy to each training sessions made it even easier. Jimmy is the Best.

Danielle Bitonti

Training with Jimmy has been quite the experience. It has been challenging yet rewarding. He pushed me to levels I thought I could never get to. He have such a drive for fitness so therefore motivate anyone to push your body to its fullest. I trained with Jimmy for a few months and noticed more strength, stronger core and toner arms and legs. The results were rewarding. The training Jimmy had me do was never the same so there is no getting bored and not a way to anticipate what is coming next. Even better was the fact that the training consisted of an all body workout. I miss the training and look forward to meeting up again. Thank You.

P.S. I look forward to seeing some training because I really miss the challenging exercises you had me do.

Patricia Mendoza

I walked through the doors of MACFit360 carrying the ‘weight’ of many years of poor eating habits, lack of consistent exercise, overworking and even a debilitating injury.

Time and time I would start a training regimen with a ‘trainer’ who would not understand my limitations and not know how to navigate me through them. After meeting Jimmy, I signed up for the trial option and in those 3 session I was introduced to ways to challenge my body outside of my ‘different abilities’. Weeks later I found my body performing feats that I only saw on TV or “smaller” people do.

Months later, I look forward to the tri-weekly visits with my workout family where I know I will be challenged, get fit, become stronger, engage in discourse on how to be better not just in exercise but life in general.

MACFit360 is truly about its tag: IGNITE, ENERGIZE, TRANSFORM

Stay tuned to see my continued transformation!

Sheree Flowers