Top Five Excuses Why People Don’t Exercise

Top Five Excuses Why People Don’t Exercise 

There are two types of people: those who exercise and those who don’t. Those of the latter group usually have an excuse for their inactivity. The reasons vary, but the following are the most frequently used.


  1. I don’t have time. Exercise science has come a long way since programs called for training lengthy periods of time. If you are trying to get fit or lose weight, you don’t have to train like a competitive athlete. Half an hour each day is sufficient for most people. If that is too long, there are plenty of exercise regimes online promising workouts that last just minutes. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) lasts under 30 minutes and can be as short as five to 10 minutes, depending on levels of fitness. HIIT training although short, is useful. 


  1. I always put the weight back on, so there’s no point in doing it again. A considerable percentage of people who lose weight do regain it. They often put more on than they lost. That is because once they lose the weight, they either stop exercising or they gradually return to their old eating habits. The key to keeping the weight off is to make exercise a part of your daily routine and lifestyle. Don’t diet as such, but maintain a healthy eating pattern with a few treats thrown in along the way. 


  1. I don’t like gyms and the posers that go there. Cookie-cutter gyms are not for everyone. There are numerous bespoke fitness studios around now. You no longer have to go to big, noisy gyms filled with fitness freaks. Small, intimate studios are popular because the service is more personal than that provided in traditional gyms, and most offer one-on-one sessions with personal trainers. 


  1. I’ll start next month. Ask anyone who put off starting a workout routine, and you’ll find regret. Don’t wait until you’re so overweight or unfit that it affects your everyday life and ability to move, or until your doctor starts talking about type 2 diabetes, hypertension or cardiovascular disease. It’s much easier to start before your health deteriorates too far. You will see results quicker if you don’t leave it too late. 


  1. I’m slim so I don’t need to. “TOFI” means thin on the outside, fat on the inside. In other words, slender doesn’t necessarily mean healthy, and overweight people aren’t the only ones who should be exercising. There are many cases of slim people dying of heart attacks and strokes because of their clogged arteries or overall unfitness. Exercise benefits all body types. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle extends life expectancy, helps to prevent illness and injury, and enables you to function properly.  


Whatever your body type or fitness level, you should see your doctor for a checkup and then start an appropriate workout routine. Don’t allow excuses like those above to prevent you from getting in shape and living a long and enjoyable life.